Why Skugal Cloud-Based School ERP is the Best School ERP in India

During lockdown schools, coaching institutes, colleges and universities faced different challenges they have never faced before and this type of situation never arrived. It taught important things to the management.

Most of the schools, colleges and universities uses offline softwares to manage their day to day activities but in the COVID-19 lockdown people were not allowed to go to offices and even schools,

it became very difficult for schools and the management to communicate with parents and students and to access their data.

They are understanding now the basic need of the hour to use cloud-based school erp to connect with parents and students for the sending assignments, home works, quizzes and even fee reminders those are not possible with offline softwares.Skugal offer a full packaged solution for schools to do all the required things with full ease.

After have Skugal Cloud-based School ERP that is an Online School Management Software in India to bridge the gap between parents and students, schools and parents with Skugal Parents Mobile application to share assignments, quizzes, homeworks.

Skugal Online Classroom offers high quality video conferencing and audio conferencing, screen sharing, doubt raise , question ask by students.Intelligence quizzes in Dashboard and Apps for Students help them understand the subject better.

Lead Management and Admission Management offers a very good UI/UX to schools to manage their new admissions. Bulk Result Print that has not been offered before in any Cloud-Based School ERP is offered with Skugal with Minimal Costs.


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