Student Information Management System with Skugal Cloud-Based School ERP

Easy to maintain the data of students, their curriculum, Student information system helps to manage the students data in K-12 and for Higher education, the performance of student, grades, reviews, remarks, assignment and other information that’s crucial for growth of the students career.

Skugal School Information Management System provides all the required tools to a school to go online with their students, parents from sharing documents to online classroom with multiple teachers teaching students in parallel, students can raise their doubts, they can also communicate with the teachers for any of questions arises in the middle of the discussion.

The possibility of having a teacher even if he is virtually present and clears the doubt of the students can help them in the continuous study.

Attendance of the students and the performance is really important if we look at them in terms of growth, the development of students they play an important role with Skugal Cloud-Based School ERP all these information can be managed with full ease and can be accessed with the Skugal Dashboard by the management and the Parents can also access these information with their Skugal Parents mobile application.

Assignments from teacher or group of teachers can be also transferred to parents or students to solve through Skugal Teacher Mobile Application and the school can track all the records with Skugal Dashboard to instruct the faculty of regularity in sending assignments.

Gallery and photos taken during special events in schools have a different place in the future memories when the same child grows and try to look into its past, with Skugal Cloud-Based ERP and Skugal Teacher App these memories can be captured and stored for many years to come.

Class management and real time switching of the classes plays an important role in faulty day to day life, with defined curriculum some of the teachers land to a different lecture due to some unwanted circumstances Skugal Cloud-Based School ERP and Skugal Teacher app built to manage these tasks.

Time-table of the classroom and teachers taking class can be really haphazard to manage with Skugal Timetable.


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