Skugal Provides Help Students Tips To Prepare For IIT-JEE?

It takes a strong intention, interest, and integrity to be able to step into the gates of one of the prestigious engineering colleges in the world, the IIT’s. Unfortunately, even the best students may not manage to get a seat here. So what makes IIT-JEE so difficult?

IIT-JEE is an examination that is taken by close to 12 lakh aspirants each year. This is the number of students who are fighting for just 13000 seats. It is the cumulative number in all the IIT colleges.

This is no cakewalk where you have to compete with the best minds from across the nation.

Thus if you prepare for the IIT-JEE just like all the others are doing then it may be impossible to secure any rank in the exam. This is because just studying textbooks is not going to take you anywhere.

Here is how you can study smart and aim for a good rank in the IIT-JEE examination.

  • Start with the NCERT books.
  • The NCERT books form a strong base for the entrance examination. Starting directly with the reference books is not a good practice because you should first aim to have a sound knowledge about the chapter.

  • Learn alternative methods of solving the same problem.
  • Mix calculus, coordinate geometry, or maybe vector calculus and figure out the best approach that you can take. The questions in the IIT-JEE paper will not be straightforward and for this, you should have practiced multiple methods of solving questions on different topics.

  • Manage your time.
  • Time management is the key to secure a rank in this entrance examination. You should know how to utilize your time well. Allot time to various chapters. There should also be time to revise and practice mock papers.

  • Ask questions.
  • An inquisitive mind is able to ask questions and find out the WHY and HOW behind each theory. This will let you have a clear grasp of the topic which in turn will let you challenge yourself with twisted questions on any topic.

  • Time your revision.
  • Revising a lot or not revising at all, both can lead to a missed rank in the IIT-JEE. Spend some time in revising the chapters after you are through with it. This will let you understand the concepts well.

  • Solve mock papers diligently.
  • Practice as many mock IIT-JEE papers as possible and make sure that you time it. Also, review your answers so that you know where you are committing mistakes. In fact, you should spend a good amount of time reviewing your answers so that you understand your weak points. Use this analysis and revise those chapters again.

Strategies the mock paper as if you are appearing for the real IIT-

JEE exam

You should also take care of strategies the questions that you should attempt when solving the mock paper. Choose the questions that you can do and attempt them first. Then come back to the ones that you need to brainstorm over.


Everything boils down to your preparation when it comes to the IIT-JEE exam. Your study pattern and the reference books that you read play a major role in your performance in the examination. Also, which mock papers have you solved and how you have solved them is also a deciding factor.

To be able to crack this exam it is important to have a smart strategy in place and stick to it.


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