Skugal Helping hand For Students & Teachers Who Provide Online Classes In this covid-19 pandemic situation?

There is a large number of School management Systems in the market nowadays providing various features to the School in a wide range. School management software deals with managing all the activities happening within the school premises or outside of it for students only. Management system makes the School world come up in the digital world so smoothly that it cannot alter the other events in the school.

School Management system makes itself much more attractive because of its online nature.

We can have access to the School Management System anytime anywhere and this is provided by Skugal. An Online School Management System that works for you all time, all days, all locations.

Skugal provides an Online school management software to deal with all the data related problems the school is facing and to automate the process of Admin on its own. This makes the process to be done with greater accuracy and with less time. All the events can be managed online now with Skugal.

Data security is also the major concern of school which is solved by Skugal. Skugal provides the surety of data privacy and protection. Several features provided by skugal to fulfil the requirement of School.

Features of Skugal Online Management System;
  • Attendance Management: Admin can keep record of the attendance of students daily wise, weekly wise and quarterly wise. Records can be tracked at any time.
  • Events Management: Update of Events can be managed by this system of Skugal and parents at the same time can be informed for this.
  • Class Management: All the information of teacher and student class-wise can be managed easily from anywhere.
  • Fee Management: Admin can now manage the fee collection of the day or the pending payment record of the student all at a time.
  • Notification: Real time notification to the parent can be sent to the parent directly , no need to maintain dairy. Reminders can be made to the parent for pending fee.
  • Holidays: Holidays records can be tracked anytime from anywhere.
  • Transport Management: Drivers travelling through the route can be tracked live, leading to the safety of students which is the major concern in today’s world for parents. For any change in the route of driver travelling, parents get notified at the very first.
  • Admission Process: No longer wait in a queue for the admission process. Skugal provides the Online Admission process from where u can get the information about the Admission status of your ward.

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