How Skugal Quiz and Online Classroom offers a variety of new features that other competitors lack in their products

During Covid-19 the world has learned a new lesson of social distance and learning on the internet. Skugal Online classroom offers video and voice conferencing for the users to interact with each other and learn new things.

Millions of schools in India were using offline software to manage their day to day activity after COVID-19 the school management has learned the new way of doing things with Online School Management software offered by Skugal,

which also includes Online Classroom, Video, and Audio Conferencing.

Quiz to test the learning without avoiding social distancing and can be given at home with Skugal Quiz. The features offered in these quizzes are not seen in most of the software available in the market.

There are a variety of features:

  • Rank analysis of the Students with other Participants to understand the performance better.
  • The surety bubble in the Skugal Quiz offers a whole lot of different experiences to take the exam and understand which question to attend which to not and help them in the real exams where the student can navigate between the questions without destroying their precious time.
  • Report Given by the Skugal quiz after the exam offers a variety of different metrics to the user to understand the performance of an exam or quiz.
  • Rank of the Students
  • Score based on different questions.
  • Attempted number of questions required to qualify the actual exams.
  • Accuracy of the participants in the exam.
  • Percentile of marks the user has obtained.

The above features shows the Skugal Cloud-Based School ERP or Online School Management Software by Skugal offers a very promissing product to the end users.


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