Engaging stakeholders of the Schools with Technology for better future Skugal Cloud-Based ERP is here to help

Schools are the nutrition that helps grow students in their lives to make a greater impact in the society and different parts of the world. The problems we are facing for not having an impactful engagement with technology in a proper manner leads our students to explore a different world altogether that will not be beneficial for students as well as to the society where they live in.

We need a proper set of tools to drive these new energy in the proper direction and utilization of these energy resources will help build a brighter future. Students information system, class management system, school management system can help them to get on the right track and communicate with each other.

Skugal Cloud-Based School ERP comes with different set of tools

  • Student Information System
  • Skugal Teacher app and Skugal ERP are connected through cloud to help in real time data transfer and engagement of the students in terms of Attendance, Reviews from teachers, Remarks given by the teacher.

  • Classroom management System
  • Classroom management can be really difficult for school management to assign classes and maintain the schedule for the teachers, Skugal Classroom management system allows the schools management to flawlessly work on assigning the classroom and respective subject to the teachers, the instruction given will get into Skugal Teacher app through mobile notification in real time.

  • Unlimited Virtual Classroom
  • Due to COVID-19 pandemic all schools and colleges got shut and students were not allowed to come to the schools, the gatherings at any place were stopped by the respective governments, meanwhile the learning was not possible in these situations, Skugal Virtual Classroom offers unlimited online classroom for teachers to run parallel classroom and clear the doubts, share assignments etc. with help of skugal it became possible to manage all these tasks.

Skugal offers a variety of features to run a school with full engagement.


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