Best School ERP Software In India?

Schools are the building blocks of the future generation, the nurturing of the adolescents, youngsters and even to the parents, Schools play a very important role in transferring ideas and innovation to other parts of the society. With all this great responsibility they find it is difficult to manage all their day to day activities e.g. Fee Payment, Class Schedule, Teacher Management, Student Data Management, Transportation, etc.

To help our schools Skugal has been working for years now to develop Cloud-Based School ERP and Mobile Application for Parents, Teachers, and even Drivers. Skugal Cloud-Based ERP and mobile applications are connected to manage all school data.

Skugal ERP is marvelous and builds with the latest cutting edge technology to make sure it benefits society.

Why Skugal Cloud-Based School ERP is best in the industry
  • Privacy & Data Security with Google SSO.
  • Online Classroom & Self Learning Quizzes.
  • Admission and Lead Management inspired by Classic CRMs.
  • Data Warehouse, Export Import in CSV/Excel/PDFs Format.
  • Enterprise-level API integration e.g. Google Maps, Translation.
  • Powered with AI e.g. Facial Recognition, Searching, and Tagging.
  • Cloud-Based Technology with Real Time Updates.
  • Apps Connecting Parents, Teachers with Management.
  • Unlimited Notification and SMS.
  • Unlimited Virtual Classrooms.
  • Fee Payment Management & Notifications.
  • Customizable Results with Bulk Print and Export.
  • Chat Environment for Management and Parents.
  • Chat Environment for Management and Parents.
  • Parents Teacher Meeting and Events Schedule.
  • Curriculum Setup for the whole Academic Year.
  • Class Management and Teacher Management.
  • Time table, Events, Holiday Management.
  • Inventory and Hostal Fee Management.
  • Alumni & Transfer Students Options.

And many more, the above features with the help of the latest technology make Skugal ERP one of the best Cloud-Based School ERP in the market. Skugal Pay as you go and Pay what you use also makes it accessible and affordable to all strata of the society. They also offer one month trial for their cloud-based ERP, hurry now book your order today.


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