Benefits of Online Classes and Cloud based School Management Software and System

Benefits of Skugal for Online:

School’s closed but there’s work to be done and courses to complete. No worries, Skugal allows teachers to conduct classes online and provide study material online.

Academic year is fixed for all schools and colleges, there a couple of examinations separated by several months to prepare for them. In case some event happens that results in schools being closed, like they have been during COVID-19 virus, the lockdown can totally disrupt the academic year.

To help schools, teachers and students in times such as those, Skugal facilitates online classes so that students can continue to study from home and the school can get the course over on time. Teachers can send study material online to students to further help them practice and prepare for exams.

Benefits of Skugal for School:

Skugal is used to create student profiles that are constantly updated in real-time since Skugal is cloud-based and with ease by teachers. This totally removes the school from the equation in terms of data entry and management. Skugal reduces the workload of school significantly and the school can get better results from its teachers through the use of Skugal which provides teachers many features to increase productivity and better help students in their academic progress and growth.

Using Skugal Teacher mobile app that uses Artificial Intelligence, teachers can instantly take attendance of a class saving them precious amounts of time that can be spent teaching and helping students. This also eliminates a school’s burden to keep a track of loads and loads of old registers since the attendance record becomes an automated process with data security. Not only attendance record, every sort of manual data entry is eliminated and since all the data has moved to the cloud and is being constantly updated, school no longer has to stress out about lost records due to human error or inefficiency.

Schools have to appoint a number of people only for the task of data entry. In some cases, some data has to be processed after passing through multiple people before it finally gets updated. Skugal tackles those problems by using Artificial Intelligence and works with speed and efficiency so that any task of data entry gets done in a flash.

Benefits of Skugal for Management:

Skugal is a cloud-based ERP with Artificial Intelligence. Skugal ERP makes it extremely easy to manage an institution. It provides a wide range of features to its users and perhaps help with two of the most hectic task faced by management: managing drivers and guaranteeing the safety of students to parents.

The amazing part is that Skugal manages to solve both these problems with one feature: real-time location. Skugal lets users track every school bus without installing any sort of GPS hardware. Skugal tracks bus location by providing drivers an mobile app of their own which provides tracking information in real-time.

The same tracking information can be used to track students in a bus and provide location updates to parents hence, making sure the parents feel safe about the child’s safety. As for the drivers, Skugal school management system lets you take total control over how transportation works in your institution.

You can easily manage drivers, add new drivers, edit their information and delete drivers.

Same with routes as Skugal lets you create alternate routes, delete them and assign a route to any driver. There’s also detailed information about an en-route bus such as bus location, speed, driver name and contact number and estimated time of arrival.

These reasons, coupled with many more, makes Skugal an ideal choice for your school management.

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