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The year 2020 came with a surprise and shock that no one had ever anticipated. It made the streets go empty, offices and even schools and colleges shut down. Experts say that the scale at which the lockdown has happened especially of schools and colleges in even higher than it was during world war 2. This all happened because of the corona virus and the contagious disease names COVID-19.

Today most of the world’s population is at home and practicing social distancing and isolation which could continue for quite some time. Hence the biggest question in front of parents, educational institutions and students is how to learn in such conditions.

Thankfully we have a lot of technologies that are available online which can be used to continue the learning process of the students.

In this blog, we will be covering different technologies that if combined can give a seamless learning experience to the students.

  • Cloud-based platform for video conferencing.
  • A face to face interaction is very essential to have a healthy discussion and knowledge sharing among st the students. Although the current scenario prevents us from having everyone in a single classroom, this can be replicated through video conferencing. Here a teacher can teach students live just like in the classroom while students can take notes and even ask questions and queries.

  • Virtual assignments and reviews/remarks of students.
  • The assignments can be given using Microsoft office tools like word and excel or you can use Google docs and sheets wherein the students can do the assignments and teachers can then later give their feedback and notes. As google tools are cloud-based, the student’s assignment and teacherʼs feedback can be done on a real time basis

  • Real-time messaging, chat support.
  • Most of the video conferencing applications also allows real-time messaging among st the students and there is also an option of screen sharing. In case the students have any doubts after the class they can use the same chat to ask the question which then can be answered by the teacher.

  • Recorded videos, online library.
  • The biggest challenge in using online technology is the availability of a strong internet connection which could be a challenge if the students are in remote areas. So to cater to such students, prerecorded videos of classes and the online library could serve the purpose. So these students can access these videos whenever they get a good internet connection and keep learning without the fear of missing out on any online classes.

    So if you are a teacher, you must use the above mentioned online tools and technologies and continue the wonderful journey of educating your students.


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