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News content, aggregation, results for students, courses for developers and advertising services all on the same platform with by Skugal Technologies Private Limited New Delhi. Skugal has other businesses too, other products e.g. Skugal Cloud-Based ERP, Virtual Classroom, Quizzes. a New initiative by Skugal Technologies to help citizens with World wide latest news updates on Politics, Entertainment, Life Style, Education, Trending News and many other categories. is also working on Content for developers around the world to help them solve critical problems they face during development of Softwares, Website Mobile Apps with Developers and Readers from different parts of the world is also providing content for students with latest new information about their studies and results announcements.

The main objective of is to provide real time, authentic news information to users, to learn more about their whereabouts and surroundings. Plan their weekends and future goals down the line. is managed 24x7 with a very talented team, From Technology to content curation to deliverability to the users. is built with the latest technologies from Content Delivery Network, High Performance, and Security all its components stacked together to empower the end users.

The main objective of to help the society understand the information more fluently and with full transparency, scrubbing fake news and spam content so that users do not get distracted.


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