Online School Management System is the need of the hour : Skugal ERP

Online software for Schools can help them to connect with their parents, students and teachers with Dashboard and Mobile Application can share their daily activities and tasks to students.

Covid19 a global pandemic taught us that the Internet will be the most important tool for an educated society especially in remote areas. Skugal Cloud Based School ERP is trying to solve that problem, Skugal’s goal is to connect the students and school management with local social networks to get and understand the know-how.

Offline software were a cliched term in the school industry, many schools from all parts of the country were using it for their data management , fee management and other requirements but during the global pandemic they found themselves as in dark because they were not able to connect with their students and parents, Skugal Cloud-Based School ERP is built to solve this. To connect all the stakeholders belong inside school and engage them in every possible way.

Skugal Cloud Based ERP is offered free for 100 students, with Pay as you go and Pay what you use makes Skugal Products affordable and accessible to everyone.

Skugal ERP comes with Skugal Parents, Teachers, Students Mobile Application for real time data transfer from one app to another with Notification to inform about the new activity whether its assignments, reviews, remarks or fee receipt all required and important information will be shareable from school management to respective parents. With Skugal Cloud-Based School ERP that is an online school management system all you can think of you will be able to perform with the dashboard and mobile application.

Fee payment receipt is very crucial for the parents to make a transparent ecosystem. Schools should use Skugal Cloud Based School ERP to provide all these information from PDFs, Notifications, all received payments from parents , dues , extra payments , invoices, bills and everything. With Skugal Cloud-Based School ERP it becomes very easy to manage fees and accept payments.

Reminders for payments become very important as without Cash Flow schools will not be able to run.

Real Time Notifications about day to day activities should be allowed to parents to understand their child progress and growth.

Skugal Cloud Based School ERP makes it really easy to manage all above with very ease.


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