iprofiling Next-generation Concept for student By skugal

Skugal is a Cloud-Based School ERP platform which offers a variety of features to help students, parents, teachers and School Management. Skugal Parents mobile application gets activated for Parents by the school if they are onboard on the Skugal ERP.

Skugal Teacher Mobile Application helps faculties to send information about one student or all of the students to their respective parents and also to the school management.

Communication Gap Students and Parents

Communication gap between Parents and Students lead to false evaluation of students academic activities and achievements.With Skugal Teacher Mobile Application one can record all the information of the students and Skugal iProfiling can calculate the performance score of the students to understand the overall growth in a time period and actions can be taken to improve it.

School Teacher Review & Remarks Process

School’s faculty can give review remarks to students, the data gets stored in cloud-based storage; all stakeholders can access it through their mobile devices and computer to analyse the information.

Parents Teacher Meeting

Parents teacher meetings play an important role to understand the feedback about their children in the meeting with Teachers / faculty with SkgualCloud-Based School ERP the management can schedule meetings for year and create a roadmap for that year.

Facial Recognition of Students helps in iProfiling

With Skugal Teacher Mobile Application, teachers take attendance with facial recognition while the app recognizes the faces and it also understands the happiness, confidence and confusion score combining these scores help in iProfiling.

Skugal iProfiling built with cutting edge technology and great algorithms to help students the future of the society to grow. With Skugal ERP all these features are offered to help students.


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