India Most Advance Cloud based School Management System

Management in Schools can be lacking any obvious principle of organization if not planned properly, students' details, their attendance, assignments most importantly their fees / accounting all these tasks cloud led to a big mess. Apart from students management of staff in K-12 / Junior Schools could be also a very complex and tedious job, it may cause lots of problems to school management. Distribution of salaries, marking attendance arrangements of inventory again all these tasks are really important and should be taken seriously. Without the help of technology all these management work can be done easily.

Skugal Cloud Based School Management System or Software offers a variety of features to schools to perform their daily activities with full ease and help them to engage with teachers . students as well as parents on a variety of things, from sharing assignments, reviews, remarks.

Cloud Based School Management System or Software offered by Skugal has been built with research on many other products in the market, after understanding the feedback from thousands of users, customers, potential customers Skugal products are built. These are the key features offered with Skugal ERP

  • Communication with Students and Parents.
  • Assignments, PDFs, Reviews, Remarks to Students.
  • Unlimited Virtual Classes.
  • Bulk Result Printing with Customization.
  • Chat with Parents for Grievances and Feedbacks.
  • Cloud-Based Real Time Notification.
  • Privacy and Security.
  • Data Warehouse to Export and Import Data.

The above promising features make Skugal ERP one of the best ERP in the Education Industry. With thousands of customers onboarded with Skugal ERP and Parents Applications. Skugal ERP comes with a Dashboard and Applications for Teacher , Students and Parents.

All these are connected with Cloud-Based Technology keeping in mind of Login anywhere and access the data.


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