Cloud-Based School ERP for Student Information System, Accounting and Unlimited Virtual Classes for Junior and K-12

Anyone who’s managing a school knows it’s a huge task to manage records of thousands of students, constantly update changes, collect fees, contact parents and more.

You need a seamless system in place to ensure all these said tasks run effortlessly and without errors. For your school, you’re looking for a school management software that can make your job easier and better or if you’re looking to improve your current school management, then you need not look any further.

Skugal is the perfect choice for you and your school.

Here’s why:

  • Cloud Based ERP.
  • It is a massive advantage to have a cloud-based school management software for your school. Skugal’s ability to constantly sync your data on the cloud to keep it secure and giving you the ability to sign in using any device to view analytic data and make changes instantly gives you the edge and makes your school management much better.

  • iAttendance: Take attendance in seconds.
  • Skugal’s one of the most innovating features is iAttendance. This AI based feature lets your teachers take attendance of a class in a matter of seconds and the attendance record gets automatically updated for each student. This saves a priceless amount of time that gets wasted in schools.

  • One-click bulk results.
  • A lot of schools face the problem of having to manually add the exam results of each student. They have to add the aggregate score of that student and make sure it’s ready for print. It is a mammoth task to do that for roughly a thousand or two thousand students. It’s a task that takes days for those in management to get it done. With Skugal, all you have to do is click one button and before you know it, the exam result for all the students in your school gets processed and ready for print. It’s just that easy.

  • Fee Management.
  • The importance of a flawless fee management system to exist for a school cannot be stressed enough.

    In schools, a lot of times some parents end up paying the student fee late or skipping it completely by agreeing to pay it later but schools generally end up forgetting to collect that skipped fee since the amount of students and keeping their records is complicated enough and with so much on their plate already, keeping track of those uncollected fee can sometimes get ignored.

    To fix that and without extra efforts, Skugal offers the ability to have a complete fee record on a student and makes it easier to see if there’s any fees due or not.

    Skugal’s fee management also informs you about the fee collection per day and sends a message to the school owner about fee collected everyday so that you can always stay updated about the proceedings.

    It’s not just you that feels safe. Skugal ensures the parents feel assured about the fees paid. As soon as a parent pays the due fees, an invoice stating the amount they paid is sent to them so that there is greater transparency.

  • Notifying parents
  • Another unique feature by Skugal is that it has created an instant messaging platform (like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp) for the school to communicate and broadcast information to the parents.

    Skugal has introduced this feature as a better alternative to the much-used SMS bulk services employed by schools to relay information. What sets Skugal apart here is that unlike other social platforms, there’s no limit to the amount of people that can be added to a group. So messages can be sent at once to all the parents.

    As for SMS bulk services, it only allows textual information to be sent via an SMS. With Skugal, images, pdfs and videos can be sent to parents to keep them updated about news, information, tutorials and so much more.

    These are just some of the reasons that make Skugal one of the most exciting and advanced school management software in the market.


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