Cloud-Based School ERP by Skugal with Best Service in the Market

The most important task in the service market is to provide service and support to the customers. It is no surprise that currently, the world is at somewhat of a standstill. COVID-19, more widely known as Coronavirus, is a global pandemic that’s becoming increasingly dangerous and scientists are trying to find a cure to put an end to the spread of the disease.

Governments are urging people to stay indoors, businesses are halting, schools are shutting down and people are working from home.

Skugal strives to be better every day and it works tirelessly to ensure that they provide the best service they can to their clientele. Everyone at Skugal always try to push their limits to improve Skugal.

Skugal offers quick customer support and always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

So much so that even amidst the on-going worldwide pandemic, namely COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Skugal’s Business Development (BD) team is still working hard everyday for customer acquisition as well as customer retention. Skugal’s BD team is delivering top-notch customer service to all its customers around the world.

Currently, every business is providing online support. Although that is the safest way, it doesn’t take into account that a lot of people cannot fix their problems through online support due to lack of adequate knowledge of technology. Also, there are some problems that cannot solved over the exchange of emails.

This is precisely why Skugal’s BD team is working on the ground to offer local support by reaching out to clients and fixing their problems directly by meeting them.

Another reason why Skugal is providing the best online support to schools is that through the Skugal Parent App parents can receive study materials and assignments for their child sent to them by teachers to help them practice everyday and keep improving and learning despite the halt on school and college classes.

While it is important for us to ensure that we provide quality service to our customers, it is our priority to ensure our staff is doing so while taking all the possible measures to stay safe from the pandemic.

They’re working on field tirelessly with precautions and under the guidelines provided by the government and health care experts.


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