Amidst Covid-19 Skugal Online Classes helping thousands of Students to Learn with Go Online

We’re a start-up company which has been incubated under IC IIT Patna. Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, Skugal has come up with an innovative solution for conducting classes online.

We’ve built our own online classroom technology to provide colleges the ability to continue with academic classes despite the lockdown so that the learning process of students doesn’t stop and they are ready for the eventual examinations after the pandemic is under control.

There are already various platforms available that offer online video conferencing but here’s what sets Skugal apart and makes it the best choice for your institute.

The video calls offer high quality calls on a stable and fast internet and automatically lowers video quality when there’s a drop in internet speed unlike other platforms where you need fast internet speed or else the calls start to buffer and gets interrupted

In other platforms such as Zoom and Webex, when a number of students join the video call, the video quality starts to deteriorate but Skugal uses Google Hangouts as a platform which ensures that the video quality is good regardless of the number of students that join the call.

Skugal’s online classroom is being used by many schools and colleges among which are esteemed institutions such as IIT Patna.

Not just IIT Patna but many other IITs and other esteemed colleges and schools will most likely be using Skugal soon since we’re offering the best online classroom service.


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