Skugal : Why online school management system needed for quality education

The schools are today thriving with classrooms and campuses operating in a fully digital environment. But the real challenge is to enhance the standard of quality education with every passing academic year. The limited manpower and financial resources also make it difficult at times for schools to continue with the high academic standards.

An online school management software can help the schools to save time and money by significantly reducing the management and administrative work. A software will replace all the manual and spreadsheet jobs once the school goes online. Saved man hours and reduced cost of administrative work will help schools to devote more time and resources for academic activities.

Multiple functions of the schools, both academic and non-academic, can be handled together with one AI-enabled software platform which comes powered with real-time data tracking. The use of real-time data streamlines the daily operations and optimizes the workflow helping the management to focus more on students.

The schools can track the activities of the students from classroom to any corner of the campus as well as establish communication with parents in real-time. Various Modules focused around academic activities will provide a productive environment for the students.

Skugal offers one of the most reliable and efficient free online school management system. The features like auto-generated reports on performance of the students, real time tracking of syllabus progress and assignments and any time communication facility with parents can help the school management to improve the performance of their students.

The cloud-based school management software allows schools to integrate all their non-academic operations like financial functions, attendance management, inventory management, leave management and security operations into one software platform..

The cloud-based software can be accessed remotely 24x7 with the click of a button.

Here are some of the features from the Skugal’s software suite to ensure high standard of academic performance.

  • Realtime communication between parents and teachers on homework
  • No more manual attendance taking, save time, devote more time for teaching
  • Anytime communication among Teachers, school management and parents to track performance of students
  • Personalised teaching system to focus on performance of students

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