Skugal : Why is Skugal the best school management software

What is school management software?

School management software plays a very important role in the current educational systems nowadays. School authorities everywhere are trying so hard to provide better administrative and academic activities to students more effectively. But keeping a track of administrative activities is becoming harder and time-consuming in this fast-growing world.

This is where the cloud base erp helps in effective and easy management of school administrative activities thus assuring parents real-time progress and security of their children.

Why Skugal is the best school management software?

Skugal is the best cloud base erp as it provides advanced methods for making the software faster and easier to use. It also provides more features when compared to any other school management software like.

  • iAttendance
  • iTracking
  • iNotify
  • iProfiling
  • iManage
  • iPayment

for reasonable prices.

Benefits provided by these features when compared to other school management software:

  • iAttendance:

This feature saves a lot of time and effort for teachers as there wouldn’t be any need to mark the attendance manually. The attendance will be updated for the student as soon as the teacher completes the marking of all students. The attendance during holidays is already marked making it easier for parents and students to note the days of their absence and attendance,

  • iTracking

This feature helps parents to locate the live location of the child who is using school transport until he reaches school. Students need not carry any smartphones, Parents just have to download the app from Play Store or App Store and use the school invite code to get updates on the location of their child. All the components of this iTracking app is safe and secure as it is a cloud-based ERP. It also sends notification as soon as the child is picked up and also sends notification of his drop location.

  • iNotify:

iNotify helps parents, students, and teachers in many ways. Parents have busy lives and so they may miss the due dates for making the fee payments it helps in notifying the parents about due dates by sending alerts. It also notifies about many important things like examinations, parent-teacher meeting alerts, attendance alerts which help you to keep a check on the attendance of your child to maintain better attendance, library book reminder alerts, emergency alerts, timetable alerts, birthday alerts, etc.

  • iProfiling:

iProfiling is a system where all the information related to students is stored, monitored, retrieved and analyzed. It helps in the management of the school, providing filtering which helps in sorting the stored data and it also backup data as it is a cloud-based ERP, checking student profiles for attendance, assignments, remarks, fee payments, etc. It helps in updating activities and also determines the interest of students in the subjects using AI as it also has Artificial intelligence ERP. It helps in managing teacher’s schedules, for sending certificates for respective students and also helps in generating student id cards through the computer.

  • iManage:

iManage helps teachers and school management to keep attendance records of all students and helps in sorting them and it helps parents by notifying them about their child’s attendance. As a result, it saves time and effort and the school uses the face-recognition system to take attendance thus increasing accuracy as the student would not be able to use proxies making this kind of attendance system the best way to keep children under control.

  • iPayment:

iPayment helps the parents to easily and securely ay their fees online faster with one click. It reminds parents about the due dates for the payment of fee and it also helps in the collection of the late fine. It also helps in transferring monthly salary for the school’s working staff on time to their accounts.


Skugal uses a cloud-based ERP as it maintains the privacy of data, easy access to information and safe data backup on the cloud. It also provides artificial intelligence ERP to know the subjects of interest of students through their study pattern thus helping them to get better at studies. So, I think Skugal is the best school management system to acquire more benefits.


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