Skugal ERP: The online educational system is affecting students growth for achieving higher grades

The Indian Educational system is strictly followed by regular classes and interactive sessions. Although most of the school and colleges are offering online classes right from the kids to higher education students.

Most of the educational organizations are trying to finish the portions as per the academic calendar so that the teachers need not struggle to finish the portions for any particular class.

Skugal, an AI-enabled and cloud-based ERP school management system has held hands of different institutions before the crisis and is still holding knots to provide AI and VR enabled next-generation tools to run the school operations smoothly, efficiently and cost-effective too.

This locked-down has affected most of the students as it is very difficult to help the weak students at this time and students will lose interest to focus on the regular online classes. If it is a classroom set up, students will take more interest in coming over to schools and of course meeting their friends and teachers.

Besides this, the delay in organizing board exams and situations like this has led to promote students to the next class with an all-pass system.

This is major affecting students who need to appear for their 10th board exams and the 12th standard board exams. These students might have already revised their subjects many times and the delay in the examination is definitely going to affect their admission process in the next few months.

India mostly focused on a online classroom system for schools, colleges and any other courses. It is difficult for all to accept an online classes system. You should not be surprised if the school continues to follow this system due to the pandemic and later prefer the same system in the long run.

Then everything can be an online classes system which actually affects the growth of the students in terms of their interest in learning, even the brightest student can perform badly because of this system.

The weak students can end up failing in certain classes. The only good reason we can talk about on a positive note is that the students and teachers are safe from falling sick due to the virus.


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