Skugal ERP: A helping hand for the current educational institutions

How can I make my son attend his classes without hampering his health,” asked Mrs. Sharma, a COVID-19 warrior who has saved around 28 lives.

From COVID-19 to cyclones, from earthquakes to locust attacks, we all are living in the times of crisis where the education of our children is at stake. Various platforms such as zoom offered students and the teachers to finally connect and conduct their regular classes but we all know even that turned out to be a trick to steal people’s identity. It is hard for parents and students to choose a path.

Skugal, an AI-enabled and cloud-based ERP school management system has held hands of different institutions before the crisis and is still holding knots to provide AI and VR enabled next-generation tools to run the school operations smoothly, efficiently and cost-effective too.

Being a parent is never easy and being an institution taking care of those parents’ children is a blessing. It’s always hard to manage all the aspects of a school i.e. from fixing the schedule to conducting an intuitive lecture.

Skugal with its ultra-efficiency over any other platform manages to help an institution with all of it. Whether it’s a matter related to the data security or user-friendly access, Skugal has covered it all. It provides a cloud-based data storage for the security and safety of users’ data.

It provides real-time data processing which helps the students and the institutions to maintain the schedules, reminders and notifications, making it one of the finest school ERP.

Reducing the burden over the teacher and efficient usage of time, Skugal, with the help of its AI system has managed to take instant attendance and analyze the behavior and responses of students; which makes Skugal a distinct platform.

It’s anywhere accessible, increasing efficiency and automation features had not only proved to boost up the efficiency but helped school conduct examinations as scheduled.

The world is moving towards automation and schools towards skugal, are you?


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