Impact on millions of Student’s future education due to lock-down

There is a popular opinion that students future seems to be the darkest during the Covid era. But what if we suggest otherwise. There is certainly a shift in the pattern of learning, both in context to teaching and reception but during lock-down a lot more has happened in terms of thinking and upgrading the education system.

Despite of various efforts to digitize the education system state and center governments have been struggling to redesign the rigid pattern of learning. No, of course we are not suggesting that the traditional method is poor but if we think in context to current scenario the system looks weak to meet the changing requirements.

The Covid crisis has now made the earlier convincing task easier in a nonconventional way to peruse the long-lost cause of complete digitization of education.

The execution of the blueprint still needs to be thought about but the baby step initiatives taken by schools in terms of e-classes suggest the destination is not that far as it looks earlier.

But then it would not be just to suggest that education has not been impact or the future of children has not been impacted adversely. To an extent it has entirely shunned children to their homes, refraining their interpersonal learning experience to a great extent. The qualities of the traditional system involving disciplined time allocation for activities too has suffered which certainly needs a restoration as we sail though with efficient sessions to roll fast forward.

The point is: yes the education system has been impacted in selective ways but we still have the ways to prevent the adverse effect of the same on children’s future by thinking ahead time with some strong amalgamation of qualities from both, traditional and modern education systems.

Moreover, we need to think on lines wherein we can speed up the process of education in order to compensate for the apparent year loss of normal educational environment.

This will require a lot of changing in the mindset of educational strategists and executors. Its not late, we just need to unlearn and learn the new normal with better techniques facilitated by the digital education industry.


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