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Skugal Routes Management System

Route assigned to the driver is difficult to manage. Here comes SkuGal into play in order to make these tasks more easy to manage. Different drivers are assigned with different routes and Both routes and driver change accordingly as per the requirement of the school. Route management gives transparency and management to the school.

ERP Cloud Based Skugal Route Management

Traditional ways are not enough to make it go smoothly. Skugal Route Management System makes it entirely more accessible and straightforward too. Since ERP is cloud-based as well as going with Artificial Intelligence, School will have complete transparency and management of Drivers. All sorts of data are backed up on online servers, ensuring security. Moreover, cloud-based ERP makes it possible to have a real-time update. Skugal ERP is cloud-based so that you would not have to worry about data security. Moreover, associated people could easily access all sorts of updated information in real-time.

Key Features of Route Management:

Route Management System provides various key features in real-time to the admin.

  • Add a new Driver at any time as per the requirement.
  • Routes can be reassigned to the driver if any change in route required.
  • Manage the list of Drivers.
  • Edit Route Details anytime.
  • Keep track of the real-time timeline of the particular driver.
  • New Routes can be added any time without any delay.
  • History of previous trips the particular driver has gone through can be tracked at any time.

Route Management plays an important role in safety terms. We can track the pin location of the driver of the bus in which a particular child is traveling at any time. All the information for the changed driver, routes updated send to the parents so that they can also track their child location every single second.

Real-time updates are sent to the parents for any update regarding the route.

Skugal Route Management is an ideal option to go with since it comes up with incredible features making (Route Management ) easy, smooth and fast.

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