Managing your Examination Process

Simplifying the way teachers used to evaluate assessment of their students and modifying their approach towards hosting examination. give your students the opportunit to explore their learnings so far.

Know the Tool

This tool is designed to shape your institutions examination program and establish a more effective way through which teachers can incorporate their teachings and students can respon with their learnings. This tool can also be used to accurately evaluate the over all performance of a student.

Core Features

Real Time statistics

Lower Cost

The tool is quite eonomical and doesn't involve any extra costs but benefits.

Time Saving

Teachers don't have to spend any extra time in the evaluation of sudents sheets.

Performance Management

Wider Reach

The reach is widened, now students can appear for their exams from anywhere.

Highly Secure

This tool is designed with peculiar security criteria that ensure that the data is safe.

Real Time Results

If needed the results could be generated instantly and can automatically be updated as well.

Quick Evaluation

The evaluation has been performed in real time and not laid back sheet by sheet.

What makes us different from the traditional Exam Management System?

Online Exam Platform

The platform could be utilised on an online mode where the students are under strict observation through multiple security measures.

Online Certification

There are certain courses which are offered for a certain period of time and the exas for these courses can now be hosted quickly ans securely while transferring certificates as well.

What are the value additions?


Every user has been provided with a user id and the same credentials are used for authentication.

Student Information System

Students are provided with their own dashboard.

Student Identity

The students have their own identification card.

Online Assessment Tool

It is highly effective when the evaluation process is automated since it provides immediate results for assessments.

On spot evaluation

The tool offers a quick evaluation feature.

A helping hand

This tool is a helping hand for the teachers since it reduces alot of burden.

AI Proctoring

The entire interface is powered by AI technology through which regular checks could be kept.

Face Detection

No student can skip the examination process.

Authentic presence

The inerface assures authentication of a student before he/she appears for an examination.

Live Video Monitoring

It is important for students to appear with their camera on, since it becomes easy for the teachers to keep a check.

Maintaining Decorum

This system helps in maintaining the decorum of the class.

Online Benefits

The teachers can record the performance of students with ease.

Staying updated with technology

We are constantly updating our interface with the dynamics of the technology. We update to keep you up-to-date.

Integrating new technology

We are looking forward to introducing you to multiple other integration and methods to use them.

Consistent innovation

To keep you up with the technology our team is working towards integrating multiple other profound innovations.

Why Us?

User Friendly

The interface is highly userfriendly and is supported by smooth functioning.

Effective use of images & videos

The examiners can now use more confined and refined videos and modules.

AI Integration

The entire interface is integrated with next gen and AI technology.

Multiple Questions

Teachers can now implement multiple choice question despite of open ended questions.


The entire interface is highly responsive and follows a chain of command.

Live Chat Support

In case of any query, the students can approach their designated faculty instantly.

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