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A set of requirements curated at your disposal to efficiently manage the entire campus operations. Brace the multiple domains you could work on through an effective School Management Interface.

Know the Tool

This tool is curated to meet the day to day requirements of an institution. This helps to manage and empower the multiple operations through integration of smart technology.

Core Features


Students CRM

It has become easy for the insttution to understand a students behaviour towards a faculty or subject because of this one feature.


Students Information System

Establishing a chain for effective information forwarding to students. A direct channel of information for quick updates.

learning assessement

Learning Assessment

Provides a deep understanding of a specific topic to a student in their customized dashboard and prepares the entire handout to be followed.


Accrediation Management

Understand the need of multiple domains of operations and estabishes a framework to easily manage them all.


Library Management

Keep a record of all the stock of books lended and saved under the inventory of library. It is of hgh importance to keep a track of the books.

transport management system

Transportation Management

Ascertain the optimum value for the transportation of your institution. Find the most economical route for your school and keep a detailed record of the chauffer.

What makes us different from the traditional Campus management System?

Classroom Assessment

A detailed analysis of the classroom events and allotment of assignments as per the scheduled handouts.


Establishing Reporting Relationship

A well defined reporting relationship is a must in any institution. Therefore this tool establishes a well defined heirarchy.

What are the value additions?

track financial ads

Tracks Financial Aids

In case a student is in need of a financial aid or reciprocating to one this tool helps you track it.

Automatic Disbursement

Immediate disbursement chain is followed as per the query forwarded

Lending Mechanism

Lending and accepting mechanism is estabished through a direct channel.



Students with excellent performance are signified as capable for Scholarship, no extra human effort is to be invested.

Provides Scholarship Information

A deep rooted research on the past performance record of the student is initiated.

Easy evaluation

The tool is proficient in following the evaluation chain as per information gathered.

track all assets

Tracks all assets

The assets of an institution is important. Therefore this tool keeps a track of all the assets of the institutions and signifies resources to be tapped.

Institutional records

This tool helps to keep a complete record of the institutions in order.

Assets Information

The records are saved for the administration which is easy to obtain.

real time access on dashboard

Real-Time access on dashboard

The updates and extensions are all supported on the dashboard in reatime to keep the users up to date.

Easy Web access

The web page could be accessed from anywhere.

Easy Mobile access

The mobile interface is a customised platform for users.

stay updated

Staying updated with technology

We are constantly updating our interface with the dynamics of the technology. We update to keep you up-to-date. .

Integrating new technology

We are looking forward to introducing you to multiple other integration and methods to use them .

Consistent innovation

To keep you up with the technology our team is working towards integrating multiple other profound innovations.

Why Us?

ultimate solution

Ultimate Solutions

Providers of ultimate solutions for your campus management.

user friendly

User Friendly

The interface is easy to understand and to work on.

security of data

Security of data

The data is secured and the access is granted to specific people only.

Multiple benefits

Multiple benefits

The interface has multiple added benefits which are required y the educational institutions.



The interface is highly economical and could be easily adaptable.

real time access

Real Time access to dashboard.

You get an anytime anywhere access to the dashboard.

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