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Class Management

Carefully crafted to reflect elegance and define

All your classes can be managed using one application
through easy switching between classes.

School Management Software

A teacher has to manage around 35-50 students in a class. That is not an easy task. When you take into account that teachers have to manage more than one class and do it efficiently and without errors,

It is quite clear that the workload is too much and makes it really hard for a teacher to manage these many students. Also, teachers have to manage the records of students from different classes and it can lead to a variety of problems for them such as loss of records. Using iClass, a teacher can manage multiple classes.

Class Management Features

There are various other features of Class Management.
multiple class management
Multiple Class Management

Easily switch between classes for smooth management of multiple classes

Easy Teacher Management for School.

School can easily assign substitute teachers in case a teacher is absent so that the classes can function smoothly.

User friendly

Design, algorithm and UI of iClass has been made with care to ensure that it works seamlessly to make management extremely easy.

Notifications for every update.

Any update such as teacher being absent or a substitute teacher being assigned gets sent to a parent’s Skugal app. They can also get notified by an SMS if they don’t own the Skugal Parent app.

Class Management Features

Any teacher with multiple classes to manage can use iClass to make their job easier for them. As soon as a period gets over, a teacher has to move to the next class but they either carry all the registers with records of each class with them throughout the day or move to the staffroom each time they need to take a different register to a class. iClass can help teachers overcome this problem by letting them store all the student records of every class they manage on Skugal. This way, all they have to do before reaching the next class is simply choose the class on their app to easily switch to that class and manage it.

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