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Skugal Teachers (6)

What is Skugal Teacher?
Skugal Teacher is a Skugal app for teachers to help them manage students and all the classes assigned to a teacher.
Why is Skugal Teacher important?
The primary job of a teacher is to teach students and they unfortunately spend a lot of time managing data of students. Also, 1/5th time in a class is wasted on attendance and the kept records are prone to human error and inefficiency. Skugal identified the need to make student management and attendance management easier for a teacher.
What are the features of Skugal Teacher?
It allows a teacher to use several features like iAttendance to take attendance in a matter of seconds, use iManage to manage any student, iClass to manage the whole class and to easily switch between multiple classes.
How do teachers benefit from Skugal Teacher?
It saves teachers a lot of time through quick attendance, no requirement of manual data entry or maintaining records of old registers. It also provides them with a variety of features that make class management and student management a relatively easier task.
How does Skugal Teacher benefit the school?
With teachers using Skugal Teacher app, they’re constantly working on improving the performance of students to bring out the best in them and this ultimately brings out the best from the teachers.
How does Skugal Teacher benefit parents?
Skugal Teacher is made for teachers but works efficiently only when Skugal Parent is being used too. Parents find out important information such as performance feedback and which books to send with their child as get notified about all of this on their own application.

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