What is Skugal SMS Services?

Skugal SMS Services is used by academic institutes to message information to parents.

What seperates Skugal SMS Services from other similar broadcast services?

Through Skugal SMS Services, school can do selective broadcast which means that they can choose recipients of their choice.

What are the benefits of Skugal SMS Services?

Skugal SMS Services can be installed easily, it is cost effective and does not need an internet connection which proves beneficial to send crucial updates.

How long does the subscription to Skugal SMS services last?

The subscription to Skugal SMS Services is lifetime.

What are the subscription charges for Skugal SMS Services?

There are three plans for Skugal SMS Services. (GST Inclusive)

Standard plan provides a school 10,000 SMS at Rs. 7,999

Ultimate plan provides a school more than 50,000 SMS For exact pricing, contact sales.

How does Skugal SMS Services benefit schools?

It lets school perform selective broadcast of important updates without having to rely on internet and can perform said task with total ease.

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