What is iTracking?

iTracking is a real-time location feature to track school-buses and students.

Why is iTracking important?

Having a tracking system is important for the management to control transportation and provide assurance of children’s safety to parents.

How does iTracking work?

iTracking uses the Skugal Driver app of a driver to get real-time location updates and other information such as speed, ETA, assigned route and students present in the bus.

What makes iTracking unique?

There’s no need for additional GPS hardware to be installed to track a schoolbus. iTracking uses the in-built GPS of a driver’s phone and sends location update in real-time to school about location of the bus and location of students to their parents.

How does iTracking inform parents about the location of their child?

iTracking detects students present in a school bus and by the location being collected through driver’s phone, iTracking sends that information to Skugal Parent app and notifies parents who can view the location of their child in real-time.

What does real-time location mean?

iTracking uses the cloud so that location keeps getting updated in every Skugal application therefore providing real-time location updates of the bus.

How does iTracking benefit the school?

iTracking lets the school track its school buses to control transportation and also provide safety assurance to parents by providing real-time location of their child.

How does iTracking benefit parents?

iTracking allows parents to know exactly where their child by getting real-time location of their child so that they don’t have to worry about their safety.

How does iTracking ensure safety?

iTracking sends a notification at every pickup and drop to parents that informs them when the child has on-boarded and when they stepped off the bus.

Is there a need for students to have a phone for iTracking to work?

No, students do not need a phone for iTracking to work. iTracking tracks students using the Skugal Driver app provided to drivers which tracks bus location using the in-built GPS in driver’s phone.

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