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It is crucial to have an accurate and efficient system of data management on students so that any new information on any student is updated in every school record without any human error or delay.

How does iProfiling work?
iProfiling is used to create, edit or delete student profiles and can be managed through the Skugal ERP dashboard with ease.
What makes iProfiling unique?
iProfiling uses cloud and Artificial Intelligence to update student information in real-time so that there’s no sort of data inconsistency in any school record.
How does iProfiling benefit parents?
It allows parents to view very relevant information on their child at one place and it helps them know exactly how their child is performing in school and which subjects are a strength and which are weaknesses.
How does iProfiling benefit teachers?
With a student profile on every student in a teacher’s class, it is easier to organize and manage information on all the students and to analyze the profile and figure how to help each student.
How iProfiling can help shape a better society?
All the information that iProfiling provides can give us a great insight on how a child thinks, behaves and performs. This can help teachers and parents identify what they can do to help children not only in education but life in general. By identifying issues at young age and not letting them escalate, a lot of lives can changed for the better, hence creating a much better society.
How does iProfiling benefit students?
iProfiling helps students since it provides parents a detailed analysis on their performance. With the help of parents and teachers, students can learn their mistakes and weaknesses to grow into a better student and person.
How complex is the iProfiling algorithm?
iProfiling’s algorithm collects attendance record, remarks, reviews, applications (health related) and uses Artificial Intelligence to understand student behavior. It then compiles all this information to generate a score that is provided to the school, teachers and parents to understand how students perform in school so as to help parents figure out the best way to help their child progress.

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