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Skugal iNotify (5)

It provides notifications to parents to keep them informed about important updates, activities and events so that parents don’t miss out on any crucial information.

How does iNotify work?
iNotify sends push notifications that directs parents to the application so that they can view important information such as when their child has on-boarded or stepped out of the school bus.
What makes iNotify unique?
iNotify uses Artificial Intelligence that automatically prioritizes information and only sends crucial updates so that parents aren’t spammed. It also ensures no parent is informed about irrelevant information such as fee payment if the parent has already paid it.
How does iNotify benefit parents?
It gives parents real-time notifications on location of their child and sends important updates from the school or teachers.
How does iNotify benefit teachers?
It helps teachers in informing parents about important information such as which book to send with their child for next class, when the exams are due, upcoming tests and many other important updates.
How does iNotify benefit schools?
Through iNotify, they can notify parents about important school events and remind them about school fee payment.

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