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A school bus tracking is an exclusively new technological platform that puts the school, parents, and buses under one umbrella. This tracking system ensures smooth communication and intelligent management of school buses.

In this article, we’ll read about how and why is the ‘School Bus Tracking System’ provided by SkuGal’s “ I-tracking feature” important. This would give an overview to ponder upon this new technological management tracking system, helping yourself and also your children their safety by keep all tracks about their routes.

The first safety measure this tracking system provides is the real time tracking using mobile apps for both school authorities and parents. Instead of just sending information to parents, this system provides real in time details about where the child is and around what time would the child reach school. It instills a sense of satisfaction among the parents.

The second safety measure is “Two-Factor Attendance”. The school bus tracking system has this unique facility to send parents that their child has embarked or disembarked from the school bus. This makes attendance reliable and ensures double safety.

The school bus tracking system assures a smooth fleet management system which includes speed and direction of buses, fuel report, bus status, engine diagnostics and other aspects by the school authorities.

The school bus tracking system also keeps a tab on driver’s speed, analyzes driver’s behavior and also spots driver’s violations. This information provided by the I-tracking app of SkuGal satisfies the school authorities as well as the parents.

It’s the age of smart phones we all live in, and if you are wondering where this tracking system would be available, it’s right there on your palm!! Yes, you read it right! Download it from Play Store or App Store (iOS). The credentials would only be available to the parents from the school authorities after complete verification.

This I-tracking system also ensures that each child is safely handed to their parents by the guard on bus duty.

The most interesting and probably the premium quality of this app is that it involves no humans between communication of two or three parties. Everything is handled by the software itself and therefore no chance of human errors. This itself speaks about the quality of safety assurance of the I-tracking app from SkuGal.

Download SkuGal I-tracking app now and make the optimum use of technology for your child’s safety!!!

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