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Quite a number of school management technology softwares are available in the market. All of them try to provide more or less the same functionalities.

But to manage a robust and reputed school in cities like Delhi and Noida, it needs the UNPARALLED. Nothing can be compromised if we need to put out the best for our students and their welfare.

That is why School Management Software’ ‘SkuGal' is the best software available at present.

It caters to the following aspects:-


For every student, attending the classes regularly is extremely important to widen their horizon and to learn in general. This feature of SkuGal software helps the teachers upload their students’ attendance .It especially comes in useful when the school is based on boarding pattern. These features are also available in other software companies like EduMarshal, Focus, ZeroERP,Skolaro etc.

It’s the age of smart phones we all live in, and if you are wondering where this tracking system would be available, it’s right there on your palm!! Yes, you read it right! Download it from Play Store or App Store (iOS). The credentials would only be available to the parents from the school authorities after complete verification.


This is another useful feature in SkuGal software which keeps a track on the child’s location and sends GPS real time location to the parents as well for their safety and security. This feature also informs the parents and school authorities about the driver’s speed, fuel report and double checks whether the child has reached home/ school safely in time or not. Likewise, other ERP companies like Next.ERP, EduXpert, MasterSoft does have this feature, but Skugal is the most user friendly app to use.


This feature is one of the most important component which gives the parents a regular update regarding the fees payment, or any parent- teachers meeting notice, birthday wishes from the school, complaints against their ward, details of exam schedules etc. This is a feature which not many companies provide like Focus, ZeroERP, MasterSoft provide you with such accessibility other than SkuGal.


This attribute in SkuGal gives a complete profile about the child’s reports, behavior in class etc. so that the parents are well-informed about their child’s learning levels at school. In this highly competitive world, competing at par with excellence is extremely fundamental. This feature avails just the same for students to improve and get guided by their mentors. This is a common feature present in all other companies like Next.ERP, EduMarshal, EduXpert, Skolaro, Capterra,ZeroERP and MasterSoft.


This feature helps manage the cardinal details of a student by just one click like their achievements or other important notices from the school. This feature is also present in all the other companies.


This is another essential feature which helps transfer the fees safely without getting into loads of paperwork, also present in all companies modules. But, amongst all these companies, the reason why we are recommending SkuGal is because its free of cost and its unique user-friendly features is helpful to all ages across. Therefore, why to wait?? Experience the new world of SkuGal in your palms!

Download SkuGal I-tracking app now and make the optimum use of technology for your child’s safety!!!

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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