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One of the major concerns that each school and every parent face is the safety of the child. The school, besides providing high quality education, top class infrastructure and expert and educated faculty has to focus a lot on its transportation facilities too. The security of the student when using the school bus is the biggest challenge in front of the school authorities.

For parents, as their child steps out of the house and steps into the bus, it becomes a matter of great concern as they keep worrying about the safety of their child while using the school bus. But after the introduction of school transport management system which has many advanced features, the tension and stress of school authorities as well as parents has reduced a lot. Let us see how an effective school bus tracking system or a school transport management software helps them :

For Parents

Information about the travelling details : with the school bus tracking software, the parents get all the information about the travel time, the bus route, driver details and instant updates about the child getting on and off the bus.

Notifications in real time : all the notifications and updates that are made to parents when their child reaches school or when he/she is dropped home, are in real time. The school bus tracking system is of great help here.

School transport speed detection : the parents after downloading the school transport management app can also track the speed of the bus, if any time they find that the driver of the school transport is driving rash and is over speeding they can immediately let the authorities know who will take corrective measures asap.

Time on the bus stops : the parents can also see how much time each bus halt is taking to pick and drop children, if at any point of time it is taking longer than usual they will get a notification too. This helps the parents to take any action if required.

Warning notifications : through the school transport management app, the parents will be notified if the bus has broken down, if there is a traffic jam or a natural hazard. This helps the parents to take necessary actions.

For School

Making students feel safe : a school bus tracking software when used by a school ensures top security and safety for every child. So when children board the bus they feel safe as they know their movements are being tracked by the school authorities and nothing can go wrong.

Location alert : an alert is sent to both school and parents when a child boards the bus and when the child is dropped off, so it really helps in situations where a child gets off at the wrong stop or misses the school bus.

Draft better bus routes : spending long times in bus affects the academic growth of children, therefore after getting automated school bus management software , the authorities can also plan the bus routes which are the shortest possible and also the most fuel economic.

Track the maintenance of the transport : trackers that are enabled on the school bus after deployment of the school bus tracking system help the school authorities to know the real time condition of the bus too. Through notifications they will also get to know if the bus needs maintenance. The driver’s habits and feedback from students and parents is also sent to the school which helps them to select a driver who is diligent and is a safe driver too.

Conclusion: As we all know that in today’s times, the roads are not safe for our children. There are rash and untrained drivers who are driving freely on the roads. That is why to ensure that our children remain safe while using the school transport it is very essential to have a school bus tracking software like skugal which is a bus tracking system in Delhi, that is efficient in school bus tracking, which will keep not only the parents but the school authorities also : tension free and stress free as the children are safe after the software’s deployment.

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