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The School management software fundamentally takes care of the students’ data- right from their admission process to attendance to tracking their bus location to their fees payment to their progress reports to their library dues etc electronically.

The most constructive feature of this software is that it reduces paper work as stated earlier, increases efficiency in the management of the entire school and also reduces cost of labour since most of the time consuming work is managed by the computer application.

Since we live in a modern, globalized era and life has become fast for each of us, applications like these help solve our problems and reduce our burden of repetitive tasks. It is vital for the school authorities, parents as well as students (the trio). Everyone benefits from such software and our powerfully built SkuGal software does exactly the same, more importantly on a budget!

Some of the functions which SkuGal Management software does are:

Avails with budgeting and finances

Managing a huge school in cities like Delhi, Noida etc. with umpteen number of children is in itself a huge task. On top of it, organizing the fee bills for each and every student with utmost precaution isn’t an easy job. This is where the SkuGal Management software programme comes in handy. It reminds the parents if fees are due, money is transferred online and less of paper work. The database for every student is also safely stored.

Personalised teaching System

Through the SkuGal Management software teachers can keep a track of their students learning process, help more technologically for differently abled students in a better fashion etc. and this in turn would transform the entire school a better learning space for everyone.

Less infrastructure

For schools who don’t have a robust infrastructure and are low on budget, SkuGal Management software can be of the best help. Adhocs needn’t be given a separate office, or even be paid. With less of labour around, this software would solve all these problems by just a single click providing your school with best efficiency management skills.

So act wisely and install the SkuGal Management software for your school, experiencing par excellence management results for your school.

Download SkuGal I-tracking app now and make the optimum use of technology for your child’s safety!!!

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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