School Management Software

It can be quite hectic for a school to manage everything with so many variables involved.

One thing in particular that can be really troublesome is to have a class unattended by any teacher which is a cue for students to create chaos and disturb other classes as well.

This can easily happen with no proper communication between the teacher that was absent, the school and the intended substitute teacher."Using Class Management," a school can fix these problems by assigning a substitute teacher and that teacher gets informed immediately so that they can reach the class on time.

Skugal Class Management Features

We’ve listed a few features of Class Management for you below:
new teacher
Assign new teacher to a class

School can assign new classes to any teacher by simply choosing them from a drop-down list/

real time sync
Real-time sync

All the changes made on Class Management gets updated in real-time so that teachers can be informed as soon as they’re assigned a class.

change teacher
Change teacher of a class

If a teacher is absent, a school can quickly assign a substitute teacher to any class from a list of available teachers.

update class fee
Update class fee

Using Class Management, a school can update the fee amount that will be charged for any class.

Skugal Class Management Features

Skugal has developed Class Management so that schools can find it easier to manage so many classes at once.

It lets a school make sure that no class stays unattended in case a teacher is absent since they can use Class Management to assign a teacher and since our ERP is cloud-based, the teacher is informed instantly about the updated information.

This can save schools and teachers a lot of time. A school can function smoothly and in a systematic manner. With no substitute teacher, students end up wasting their time too. Not only this, it also allows a school to assign a new class to any teacher and easily give them access to that class.

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