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An efficient school ERP software is designed to help schools to streamline the system to paperless administration. It comes with various modules helping teachers and staff in maintaining academic activities and other important information in a cloud storage system.

It is very important to evaluate if school ERP software is performing at its optimum level? Whether it is serving the purpose and making a big change in the system.

To know if any school ERP software is performing at an optimum level, it needs to be tested on following pointers:

Student Information

All the information related to the students either attendance, homework, fees, exams or grades, should be accessible easily with an efficient school ERP software.

Teachers and school administration can use the student information to plan and organise activities and actions for the improvement and development of learning process. Other than basic information, details of the students like admission, accounts, billing and medical history etc. should also be maintained by the software.

Parent Access

As parents today are very busy and have little time to stay connected and be a part of their child’s academic activities and progress. With the implementation of a school ERP it is easy for parents to get connected and updated about their child’s progress through ERP apps parent portals. This way a good school management software helps parents to get connected with child and teachers. Best school ERP software perform at an optimum level by providing up to date information and helps parents actively participate in their children’s academic activities.

Effective Teacher Information

Effective school management software also provides information related to teacher activities management. This helps to schedule class of a teacher and report preparations etc. Software Management Software provide teachers details regarding class schedule, student progress, activities and feedbacks in one place. An efficient ERP help teachers in their day to day tasks like attendance, accessing records, classroom and students activity tracking and sending notifications to the parents.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

AI technology is now becoming an integral part of our daily life. Artificial intelligence integration is salient feature of a powerful school management software. With Integrated AI features such as smart attendance capture, auto fleet management, route optimisation and tracking life become drastically easier for schools. Before choosing a school ERP always, ensure that it offers the AI features. AI is not a magic, but a technological advancement which makes a significant difference to safety and convenience with better ROI.

Apart from above mentioned feature school management software should be capable enough to manage Attendance & Timetable Management, Fee Tracking and Online Payment, Admission Management and Assessments and Assignments management. Best school ERP Software should be used optimally via app with the right feature which make lives easier for students, teachers, parents and support staff.

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