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One of the most integral and crucial functions of school management is managing its finances. School management needs to manage student fees, staff payroll, and school’s other account activities in some way every day, which is multifaceted, tedious, and time-consuming.

Managing finances involve planning, directing, organizing, and controlling all financial activities along with financial resources so that everything can be completed well and proficiently within the stipulated time. Better management also needs the correct information at the right time to make informed decisions, within the allocated budget purview.

Thus, every school or education institution needs a consistent and organized approach to manage their finances. And this can’t rely on manual activities. Accordingly, schools need to get smart systems i.e. School Management software in a place to handle such critical and wider activities where there is no room for error.

Excellent School ERP software in schools will no doubt streamline all financial tasks, allowing everybody to view all financial information in real-time, instantly integrate & report and most importantly control it seamlessly.

Then What?

But many schools struggle to find the right school ERP solution that works perfectly well for them as they just help but not smartly do the tasks in real-time. Understanding this difficulty, Skugal has come up with School Management software tailored specifically to individual school needs.

How It Is Different?

Skugal’s School ERP is the most advanced cloud-based with various features & functions that are driven by AI-technology. Hence, students, teachers, parents, school management, and the school staff team can access any information anywhere and at any time in the most secure environment.

Different modules such as iPayment, iProfiing, iAttendance, iTracking, etc. are integrated in such a manner that it becomes not only easy to record the information but it also becomes very easy to pass the information to the right recipient. From SMS notifications of fee reminder to fee receipts, from cheque bounced intimation to the late fee or fee refunds alerts, everything is blended seamlessly, which makes this an effortless School Management system to use.

Apart from fee management, it also offers a payroll management system for school staff that helps the school management to define, deal, and manage all financial aspects related to salary, gross pay, deductions, net pay, special allowances, taxation calculation, etc. Thus makes the salary computation and disbursal very easy at the end of the month.

In simple words, this school management software from Skugal offers school and educational institutes a wide selection of functionalities & features that empowers them with the ability to manage and control their finances more effectually.

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