Cloud Based ERP, a need of the hour

Follow the lead of technological management with cloud based management system. The ERP spearheaded by ever-evolving AI.

Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning

Bridge the gap between lesson planning & execution.

Complain Tracking

Complain Tracking

Never let a query out of your management's sight.

ID Card Generation

ID card generation

Curate your students identification card as per your theme.

Admission Process

Admission Process

Automate your entire admission process and rduce the chances of errors.

Reporting Analytics


A deep analysis of the over all performance of your management.

Examination Management

Examination Management

Schedule and conduct an entire examination event.

Student Gate Pass

Student Gate pass

Keep a track of your students arrival and departure at the campus.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Track the inflow and outflow of finances in your system.

Library Management

Library Management

Keep a check on the inventory of your library.

HR Management

HR management

Manage your human resources and mater reated to them.

Student Behaviour

Student Behaviour Tracking and Analytics

Understand the reason behind a student's performance.

Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment

Automate your admission process through our Interface.

Laboratory Management

Laboratory Management

Know the list of items in your laboratory.

 Hostel Management

Hostel Management

Spectate your hostel performance and come up with instant solutions

Managing Reports

Management Reports

A complete analysis of your management's performance.

Multiple User Role

Users and Permission

Understand the employee role and establish accounting relationships.

Custom Notification

Custom notification Sending Rules

Curate and schedule your notification as per the specifications of an event.

Grade Calculation

Grade Calculations

Construct an effective evaluation algorithm at the ease of your system.

Call Online Support

Call & Online Support

Our team is always available at your disposal.

Multi User Role

Alumini & Transfer Students

Unbiased for the role you play, It's a school management system for all.


Skugal's User friendly experience

Elegantly performing user interface for all your gadgets be it mobilephones, tablets or PC's.


Interactive AI for schools

Creates an highly productive an interactive environment. A lesser bid for higher profit.

Parent Teacher Driver And School Management all sync

Skugal provides you with smooth and easy functionining of various applications.

Real Time Data Processing

Instant processing and evaluation of all the data available since it focuses on instant delivery of information.

Omnipotent Technology

Internet won't be a hinderence anymore, and neither will be the device specifications. Use it it anytime, anywhere.

Customization & personalisation

Customize and personalise your schedule and course according to the theme of your school.

Personalisation of certificates.

Certificates are customized and given a personal accordingly the theme of the school.

Transparency in the accounts

Quaterly statistics of fees are represented for higher transparency in fee management.

Security & data protection

Your data is stipulated to your jurisdiction. No one other than you can make use of your data.

Push notification

Regular notifications regarding any update is pushed to your display.

Removing Internet hinderance

Internet won't get into your way anymore. Offline notification through text messages is available.

Get smart on your smartphone

Avail the option of Push notifications on your smartphone, and get updates directly.

Regular advancement

Technology is never resting, and neither are we. Regular upgradation to keep you upto date.

One Shop Stop

All the basic necessities for your school going child like, water bottles, school bags, etc are just a click away.

Instant attendance

You conduct the class, Let Skugal automated attandance sheet take charge of your studence presence and absence.

Periodical evaluation

A student's progress and learning is evaluated on a regular basis by the help of big data analysis and management.

Data Visualization

Skugal helps effective visualization of monotonous data through graphs and charts.

Schedule generation

Do the complicated job of creating examination date-sheet easily by using Skugal.

Transparent & secured receipt generation.

Any fee transaction generates an invoice for the parties involved in the transaction.

Hassle free collections

Various platforms and services are provided by Skugal in order to secured fee collection.

Exam management

From development of schedule to hosting exams, let Skugal do it for you.

QR Codes for Admission Status

Parents can now follow up their childs admission status through a QR Code, India's first company to do so.

Inventory Management

Skugal takes care of your inventory and chooses to look after it.

An application for small screens

It won't matter if you are away from your desktop, with Skugal application continue from where you left on your desktop anywhere, anytime.

Parental control

Child safety is every parents' concern and duty of every school. Skugal introduces live tracking of a childs whereabouts and activities.

Online Assignments and Circulars

No pandemic or holidays stand between the education process now, the schools could now avail all the assignments and circulars through our portals.

Effective reviews and remarks

Using SWOT analysis, through its internal coding, Skugal gives and overall performance report to the parents.

Online exams

On behalf of the school, Skugal conducts examinations based on the school course.

Competitive Pricing

Cutting-edge features, top-notch customer services and so much more at the best price in the market.


We keep up with the parents by providing them all the information about their children, along with the school.

Anywhere Data Access.

Wherever you are, your data is just a tap away from you.

Cloud Storage

Never lose any file, there is a secured back up for everything you do.

Free Demo

We believe experience is the key to trust, try our free demo's for a better understanding of our offering.

Attendance Management

From marking attendance to keeping students' attendance record. Skugal provides you one less thing to worry about.

Students performance insights

Skugal keeps a record of all the progress a student has been makin, and the areas of development.

Timely updates

From the attendance records of the students to the activity response, each and every information is updated to the parents.

Parents Teachers Meeting

Apart from reports, Skugal arranges a medium through which teachers and parents could interact.

Online Courses and Classroom

Despite any circumstances, Skugal arranges a platform for teachers to arrange their study material and conduct lectures.

Saved study material

Various interactive study material in terms of visual and written content is available for students to look into.

24*7 Support channel

Skugal's school management system helps them avail all the important documents post the school hours as well.

Cloud data recovery

Never lose track of any file, we keep it all safe and available for you at anytime.

Information Security

All the information and data generated are secured.

Smart Teaching

Using Skugal, teachers can employ various techniques to provide the best learning experience to students.

Immediate notifications

Any reminders related to examination, performance or events are sent to the parents using the chat features in the software.

Web based management System

Skugal's main focus is to provide easier access to our users by integrating various web based features in it's dashboard.

Customization of websites

Skugal helps create a personalized and customized website for schools accordingly the theme and need of the institution.

Eye-pleasing Interface

Attractive interfaces helps Skugal to create more interactive version of it's offering and helps Schools with easy access of it's dashboard.

Feedback Mechanism

Feedbacks on behalf of the students is noted on the basis of teaching methods practiced by the tutor.

Schedule Exams Online

Schedule exams hassle free with Skugal's exam scheduling interface.


Versatile range of documentation options are available for the parents keeping in mind the convenience.

Track without GPS

With Skugal, you can track the bus without installing any sort of GPS device without incurring any extra cost.



Keep a track of your present and plan your future with Skugal's calender feature.

brain teaser

Online brain teaser

Learning is a never ending process, and Skugal knows that. Skugal has developed quizzes to keep students up do date with the course and the changing environment.

skugal news

Skugal News

Parents can also stay informed about the latest updates from Skugal so that they can make the best out of their Skugal Parent app.

custom result

Customized results

Choose from a wide range of well-designed result templates available for your school.


Numerous certification Templates

Choose the best certificate template that matches with the theme of your school.

custom bonafied certificate

Customized Bonafide Certificates

Skugal lets you create your school’s unique bonafide certificate by choosing a template from a list of available choices.

character certificate

Customized Character Certificates

Your school's very own personalized character certificate can be made in less than a minute using Skugal's templates.

updating score

Updating scores

Students score could be uploaded through dashboard easily.

Auto Result Generation

Automatic Result Generation and Bulk Printing

Get aggregated marks automatically and print results in bulk using Skugal.

Pdf File

Available PDF form of files

Export all the examination results in PDF form easily.

AI Features

Artificial Intelligence Powered Features

In the era of technological advancement, Skugal provides AI for better, faster & easy solution.


Blockchain System

Skugal uses blockchain management, which helps in achieving best results and smoother operation of your inventory system.


Dynamic Dashboard Theme

Matching the time of the day, is an included feature on your dashboard to keep up with the mood and freshness of your website.

School Gallery

School Gallery

Store images from school events and extracurricular activities on Skugal to let parents explore and see their childs performance.

Login Portal

Login Portal for Parents

Skugal also offers a wide range of features to parents who can use Skugal on their mobile or log on to the web application.

Accessible API

Accessible APIs for Developers

Skugal allows customization and personalisation to the interface and easy access to APIs for the Developers in order to acquire information.

Accessible API

Data Upgradation

At any point when an account is upgraded, Skugal transfers current data to the new account with modifications as per the choice of a user.

Data Upgradation

Remote Access

Availability of the software is not just stipulated to ones desktop, but lies to mobile, tablets, etc.

Remote Access

Article references shared

The source (URL) of any article is shared with the parents as well.

Easy Installation

Easy installation

Skugal is pretty easy to install and set up in every device. All it takes is a few clicks to set up on dashboard and you are good to go.

Route Management

Route Management

Skugal provides perfect route management for the school as it handles them the ability to create, assign, edit and delete routes.

Driver License

Driver Management

It's always easy to manage the drivers and their activities, by the help of skugal.


Employee management

Employees are important to a school, and so is their interest. Skugal provides a feature where all the interests of employees are managed.

Event Management

Event management

Features like calenders and reminders helps keep a track of future and present course of action.

Admission management

Admission Management

Tasks like Examinations, assigning teachers, announcing results are taken care of through Skugal.

Accounting management

Accounting Management

Skugal provides the best accounting management to make the job for the school much easier in terms of financing and decision making related to finance.

vehicle management

Vehicle management

All the school buses under the school can be managed from the dashboard and the route to be followed can be created, assigned and deleted using Skugal.

VR Education

Virtual Reality Education in India

Skugal provides India's best virtual reality in education to introduce next-gen classrooms.

Data Import Export

Data Export to Excel & PDF

Extensive data research and analysis could be done through Skugal and could be exported in excel and PDF format.

Import Excel

Import from excel

Skugal is a data friendly application, one could upload data from excel to Skugal dashboard.

Assign Role

Assign Roles

Skugal helps you fix roles and restrict access to various features, giving you total control over school management.

Fixed Role

Fixed roles

Assign different roles to those in management to give specified access accordingly their course.

Trans Stat

Transaction stats

Admins get notifications regarding all the transaction details in the course of business.

Fair Evolution

Fair evaluation

Teachers can give personal remarks on each student to their parent using Skugal to make learning better for everyone.


Reviews on the performance

Performance in class and exams reflect the progress of a student in schools, and that information is shared regularly with the parents.


Rate Student Performance

Skugal uses various mechanism which helps rate students accordingly their performance and various aspects.

Manage App

Manages applications

All the leaves related applications are uploaded on both portals; parents' and students.

Complain Forum

Parents complaint forums

Parents related issues are paid attention through parents' portal and a common grounds are set up for any further discussions.

Real Time Notify

Real-Time Notifications

All the information across the application gets constantly updated and Skugal sends real-time notifications about each update.

Admit Card Generation

Admit Card Generation

With Skugal, schools can easily generate admit cards for upcoming examinations to be held.

Export Admit Card

Bulk Export Admit Cards

Skugal helps generate admit cards & send an email or get it printed for distribution.(as a PDF in bulk )

Parents Teacher Meeting

Facilitate Parent Teachers Meeting

Skugal offers features that help set up the next meeting by informing parents and teachers.

CRM Software

Managing CRM

Skugal helps manage admin store huge data base, and manage customer relations.