Continue Teaching During Pandemic With Skugal

The situation around the world is tense, scary and depressing. The current global pandemic termed COVID 19 has brought the developed, advanced countries to their knees as they try desperately to find a cure and to even minimize the economic damage and loss of human lives.

Countries in lockdown, such as India, are facing losses of millions everyday as they try to stabilize the situation and provide for their people.

The astonishing bit is that the most advanced country of the world, the superpower, the hegemon, the most powerful military force on this planet, along with many advanced and developed nations who have nuclear weapons to level Earth and wipe out humanity thrice, are struggling to provide ventilators and medical equipment to doctors when faced with a global pandemic.

At the same time, there are less developed and developing countries that have kept this virus in check with implementing policies quickly and swiftly in a sensible and responsible manner. This shows that no matter how strong a country is, it’s only educated leaders and educated officials that can truly reflect how strong, sensible and powerful a country is from within.

Education’s value can never be undermined.

Talking about education, the academic sector has been affected too as schools and colleges are shut but luckily, Skugal has a solution for them to continue teaching students. Skugal Online Classroom lets teachers teach students online using video and audio conferencing.

There are various features available for a teacher to conduct these classes fluently and effectively. Features such as live chat makes it easier for students to raise questions if they have any doubts.

Skugal’s online classes can be joined by up to 250 participants making it an excellent choice to conduct meetings and seminars. Classes are taken in high quality audio and video with automated settings that detects fluctuation in connection and adjusts video quality accordingly to avoid buffering.

The world might be at a stand still but with Skugal, your school doesn’t have to be.

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