Attendance Management Software For School, Office and Shop With Facial Recognition

If there’s anything that we can agree on, security in our schools need a serious upgrade. The education institutes do not pay as much attention to strengthening their security as they should. There is a lack of proper security system in place and still there are thousands of schools in India that do not have the basic security features installed in their institute such as a CCTV camera which is the bare minimum everywhere these days.

It is particularly important that a school does not undermine the importance of providing adequate security to the students.

It isn’t a secret that there’s a deep sense of trust that parents naturally place in the school their child studies at. When they drop their child at the school, they do it with the belief that the school would help their child learn, grow and improve with the same amount of care that the parent does. This is why it’s just as important for the school to ensure they are taking appropriate measures to ensure that each and every student in school premises is safe and sound.

Facial Recognition is a term we’re all familiar with. It’s become such a common feature in security systems that we even have it in our smart phones now.

Yet, it’s so hard to believe that a feature so common is hardly used in schools to strengthen their security. One immediate reason for that could be that the database required to implement it would be massive since there are thousands of students. In smart phones, facial recognition software usually has to save facial data of one or two people.

So, to collect and store that amount of data requires more capital than a school is willing to spend. That’s one of the primary reasons apart from the ignorance of safety measures.

It cannot be ignored these days as the number of kidnappings and other crimes related to students are increasing everyday especially in cities like Delhi where there’s no such thing as being too safe.

So to make it affordable for schools and to provide that technology to them with foolproof efficiency,

Skugal is working on its cutting-edge facial recognition software to provide schools the perfect security system to take care of safety of their students.


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