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iProfiling in SkuGal is a system where all the information related to students are stored, monitored, retrieved and analyzed.

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iProfiling in Student Profile

iProfiling saves the profile of each and every student studying in the school for future purposes.Organizing huge data in such a large scale is indeed a task and with iProfiling, the databases of students are saved securely which can be processed in many ways according to the required demands.

School management

Through iProfiling, School management becomes easier as it helps in taking quick and wise decisions in the interest of students since data is presented in an extremely easy , coherent fashion.

Helps to School

iProfiling helps the school management to view details of all the students though just a single click on the screen, aiding the school to work efficiently.

Provide Filtering

iProfiling Provides various Filters to sort the stored data according to the specific requirements which makes it all the more convenient to use.

Check Student Profile

The Student Profile can be checked through iProfiling like attendance, assignments, fee payment, remarks by the teachers or even school notices. This is extremely useful for parents to keep a regular check on their kids without worrying about transparency since this platform kind of bridges the communication gap between the parents, students and teachers.

Update Activities

Since the day to day activities are updated on a daily basis, it helps the students also to improve themselves by seeing their progress or individual comments written by their teachers for each of the exams conducted.

iProfiling With Artificial Intelligence

iProfiling with the help of AI also determines the interest of each student in the subject, guiding the teacher to usher to the needs of their students.


iProfiling helps in managing the daily lessons to be covered in a class for teachers. This aids the teachers to complete their syllabus on time and students to keep a tab of what topics are being covered, if missed.

iProfiling Certificates

Through iProfiling, students can receive their customized certificates for participation in extra- curricular activities from the school management without any hassle.

Generate Student Id

iProfiling also generates student’s id card through computer, for tracking the student though a bar code which also has all the crucial information about the student.


iProfiling is a great app to use for smooth functioning of the School management Software catering to students, parents, teachers and also creates a viable environment for the students to learn through a modern way with optimum utilization of technology, creating them better leaders for future.

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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