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Announcements and emergency alerts

These are the alerts which go out from the school management to students, parents, staff, and non-educational members to convey about the upcoming competitions, functions, meet and greet by public speakers or any other related information, and in case of any emergencies like closures due to earthquakes, cases of fire etc. it saves a lot of time and reduces the work which would otherwise be done manually.

Timetable alerts

Following a specific scheduled time table is very important in schools. As you are supposed to carry the books for the subject which is scheduled in the time table. But it keeps on changing due to the unavailability of teachers, sources, computer and science labs for computer and science period, sports room for a PT class or any other reason. But prior notice is really required, so timetable alerts can really help the students to get their sources accordingly and prepare themselves for the same.

Birthday alerts

School is an important aspect of any student’s life and is as important as anything. They say school fraternity is just like a family. So to make students and teachers feel the same, small touches like a warm wish on birthday would definitely do the job to show that a student matters. So, birthday alerts really help to send a SMS to every student and teacher on their special occasion.

Meeting alerts

Parent teacher meetings are really important to monitor the child’s progress in the studies and to keep in touch with the teacher to inquire more about the child, which you would not know otherwise. Sometimes you forget about the dates, and the child also forget to mention. To avoid getting into such situations, PTA alerts will help parents know and remember the dates in advance and you would definitely show up for the meeting to check your child’s improvement.

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