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Real-time notifications

In order to send the same notice or SMS or email to all the students in a school on the same day, iManage comes in handy. With just a single click, iManage sends the same notice, without any error to all the respective parents and students.

Add remarks

Keeping a check on the child’s progress is extremely important. iManage shows complete information of the child’s academic report to parents, students and their teachers and therefore a complete transparency is maintained between the three of them. If a child isn’t showing progress, by seeing the marks, he or she can be encouraged by the parents and teachers.

Exam Hall Seating Arrangement

iManage helps the students to have a look at their seating arrangement in a particular class for their respective exam that day, prior only, reducing the hassle of searching for their rooms and saving time for last minute revision. It’s also helpful for the school authorities to mark attendance for students seated in each class, causing efficient management.

Alumini Connection

Every school is proud of their alumni and through iManage School management software the school can keep the alumni connected to school even after decades of students passing out.

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