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Maintaining a huge record of attendance registers and sorting them to track a particular student’s attendance in times of need is not easy in the traditional attendance management system. Problems associated with traditional attendance management systems are a threat to the school safety as even after giving attendance, the student may go out of the school premises which is extremely difficult to detect. It completely weakens the school’s system. And not only the students, but this can also happen with the teachers as well. Thus, in the absence of iAttendance software, chances of security lapses are always there.


Attendance management is usually a challenging job for teachers. They are required to put the attendance records on paper which becomes very time consuming and tedious for them. In many cases even the teachers are confused with the large number of manual records. The activities of marking attendance and recording wastes a lot of time which could be otherwise used in a productive manner by the teachers. while eliminating disruption from slowing the learning process. Classroom management software helps out in the formation of a class environment meant for an effective learning experience for students.


As soon as the child leaves home for school, the parents worry about their safety. They want to monitor the child but are unable to do so without any attendance management system.

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