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To start with Fee Management in SkuGal ERP, enter the Url in Google search bar
How Fee Management works in Skugal ERP
  • All the details of the students will get displayed as per their payment status.
  • From here You can pay the Due Amount of the particular student and also can make the advance payment if paid earlier by their parents.
  • A receipt/bill can be printed or can download any time in the form of pdf.
  • After payment successfully, a notification has been sent to the parent regarding successful payment and a pdf gets generated automatically
  • Click on the Tab "Student Due Fees", to check the list of students having Pending Payment.🡪.
  • click on "Invoice Details" Tab, for an update in Bank Details of Your School.
  • The invoice of all students in one single file can be generated on click "Generate Invoice of All Students" in Custom Settings Tab.
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