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Smarter Teachers through Skugal

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Skugal Gives Smarter Teachers through Skugal

Skugal is a smart ERP that provides its features for a better school with smarter teachers.Using Skugal Teacher can employ various techniques to provide the best learning experience to students.

Teachers play a pivotal role in any student’s life. The way they teach, make students learn and interact with them can have a deep impact on a child, so much so that it can shape a child’s future or nudge them on the right path.

Skugal Teacher is the application built for teachers by Skugal. Using Skugal Teacher, teachers can take that next step in being more actively involved in teaching students by giving assignments online, providing study material and practice papers to solve at home.

It also gives teachers the opportunity to communicate with parents easily to give feedback about students. Skugal Teacher also takes the attendance marking and record keeping burden off a teacher as it takes attendance automatically and keeps records which gives teachers more time to focus on teaching students in a smarter and better way.

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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