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QR Codes for Admission Status

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Skugal Provide QR Codes for Admission Status

Make it easier than ever for parents to see admission status of their child. It is as easy as scanning a QR code, quite literally.

Every parent wants their child to be in the best school so that quality education can be provided to their child. So, when a parent fills the admission form and goes through the process, they wait eagerly for the result. Parents have to call, visit or wait for a call from the school. Even before that, they have to get the form from the school in first place. Just to know at what stage their application is, parents have to constantly contact the school and even visit the school if there are any issues or additional information or documents required.

This also makes it hard for school to manage admission process. With so many parents to keep informed and answer all the calls, it further delays the process.

So, Skugal has introduced a simple solution. It provides a unique QR code >that parents can scan which redirects them to the admission portal where they can download a form, submit it and check their child’s admission status. This way, parents don’t have to contact the school and can check anytime at what stage their application is and this helps the school finish up with the process faster.

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