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Multi User Roles

Genius School ERP to achieve management simplicity.

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Multi User Roles

One user, many roles Many users, same role. Many users, different roles. Wide range of options available for optimum school management.

As school owner or in charge of school management, it is necessary to have different people employed to work on school management so that it is done effectively and in a proper manner. Also, there are school owners who own multiple schools which are part of an educational institute. To run those schools, you need management in each of them,

and using Skugal, you can assign multiple users    These days, we have many educational institutions that are spread throughout the country and have multiple schools or colleges within a state and even a city.
Skugal has created this feature to make it easier for such organizations to distribute workload and make it easier to manage the multiple schools

with different roles according to your needs so that you’re in complete control and the work is done transparently and effectively.

You can assign specific schools and even limit access to features of certain users so that there is total control over who works and how they work for your institution.

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