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Fee Receipt Generation

Skugal Provide Fee Receipt Generation

Collect fees online, get the invoices instantly. Skugal keeps it hassle-free, trustworthy and transparent.

Fee collection is one of the most complicated processes for school management. With so many students and fees to collect, there’s room for errors and even false reports by those in school management. It can be troublesome for school owner when it comes to holding people responsible and accountable for these mistakes if there’s no way to keep a proper track of the fee collection reports.

To overcome that, Skugal lets parents pay fees online and the fee collection gets automatically recorded in the database so that the process is transparent and any discrepancy in these records can easily be tracked to the source. It also provides a fool-proof way to eliminate false records.

As soon as fee is collected, school owner can view invoices of all the students so that the process is trustworthy and transparent.