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Fee Collection Methods & Advantages

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Skugal's Fee Collection Methods & Advantages

Skugal lets you collect fee online from parents to make it easier than ever for management to handle fee collection.

Paying fees is still not a simple process for parents in many schools despite the introduction of digital transactions. Right now, in many schools in India, parents have to make all the way to the school or the back to pay the fees of their children. This consumes a lot of time and issues like closing of banks on Sundays or issues from school’s end can further delay a process that can be done in a matter of seconds.

To overcome that, Skugal has introduced a way to pay fees online so that parents can easily pay fees on time right from their homes.

This also makes it easier for schools to manage fee collection and they can keep a track of the fees paid by parents by viewing invoices. This makes it easier for school owners to keep fee collection transparent.

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